Summary Psychology

Summary Psychology

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Week 2 reading response (FLO/EXTERNAL students—you need to post your 250 words to the online tutor).

Write a 250 word response to one of the following questions using theoretical and research evidence from your reading to explain your personal example. Reference your writing correctly (Harvard or APA style referencing) and see the criteria in the back of the Topic details.

1 Read the case study on p. 101 of Barkway, P. (Ed.). (2013). Psychology for Health Professionals (2nd ed.) about Kara. Discuss how Kara’s engagement in healthy behaviours can be explained by classical conditioning, operant conditioning or modeling and why? (OR see Case Study: Kara on p. 79 of the first edition of Barkway).

2 Outline the key differences between a biomedical model and a biopsychosocial model of illness?

3 What is health psychology and why is it an important area to learn for health science students or your area of study in particular?


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