Summary and response

Summary and response

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Essay 2.1 (first version): 10 points Peer Review: 10 points Essay 2.2 (final version): 80 points Your primary purpose: Essay 2 builds on Essay 1, using the relevant points from your summary and offering your response. There are essentially three components (note: this is NOT a list of paragraphs by topic): present and explain your answer to the question in Option 1, 2, or 3 use summarizing and paraphrasing to show how Vogler or Harris would answer the question in the option you have chosen (here’s where you can borrow from and build on Essay 1) show whether you agree or disagree with what Vogler or Harris seems to think (you will also probably pull in parts of your summary here).This means you will have to explain what the reading is saying by summarizing and paraphrasing, AND make clear what your take on this point is – whether you agree, disagree, or fall somewhere in between. Make sure it is clear to the audience what you think; you want us to understand where you stand in this argument.Other requirements: your paper must be in correct MLA format and include a Works Cited page. Use the MLA section in Hacker and the OWL at Purdue page as well as my slideshow to help you. Show that you understand the article you are responding to by building on your summary from Essay 1: refer directly to parts of the article in question when relevant, or employ the ideas they have introduced. You may also, of course, use your own ideas, experiences, or observations to show why you agree or disagree with Vogler’s or Harris’s point. Proofread carefully: you are also graded on your ability to follow format, and to use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.NOTE: Your response and summary need to be integrated; that is, you cannot simply type up your summary from Essay 1 and then add on a page or two of your response at the end. Nor should you present paragraphs that imitate exactly the bullet points in the “primary purpose” section. Either format will earn you, at best, a D, which is a failing paper grade. Use the feedback you received on Essay 1 to improve your summary, and use They Say/I Say strategies to show a conversation: the summary and response components of the paper need to work together to convey a clear, compelling stance to your audience based on your understanding of and reaction to the article you have chosen.This is the prompt/ topic for the essay. What?s the Point? Both Vogler and Harris suggest that journeys have purpose, though they offer different perspectives on what that purpose might be. Vogler breaks down the steps of the hero?s quest and suggests the impact of this type of journey on the hero, and perhaps on the audience or the world at large. Harris, on the other hand, focuses more on internal change and on the importance of significance: what a journey means. What is the purpose of a journey? Do you agree or disagree with Vogler?s assessment of a journey?s purpose? With Harris?s?

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