Suggested by Writer for Medical Center

Suggested by Writer for Medical Center

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1.Consider the Ridgeland Heights Medical Center (RHMC) actions presented on pages 11 and 12 of your textbook. The medical center is trying to counter a dwindling inpatient census at the facility. What do you think of the three strategies proposed here? Can you think of any other strategies that RHMC should consider here?

2.Anyone involved with American health care probably knows that our spending is out of control. We experience far greater medical spending than any other nation. Just how much do we spend on health care in America, and what are we spending all of that money on? Provide specific examples of the types of healthcare spending and amounts of spending based on the most current data in your textbook.

3.What is meant by a pro forma financial statement? How are pro forma financial statements utilized in determining whether a major proposed project for the healthcare organization should be approved or not? Provide at least two examples of healthcare projects that should be analyzed by pro forma statement before making a go or no-go decision.

4.It is important to understand the annual calendar of healthcare finance. Truly, everything that happens in this field is an annual cycle. Describe how healthcare managers begin to operate within this annual cycle, living within the finance committee and board of directors’ calendar.

5. Using the example balance sheet and statement of operations (Tables 2.2 and 2.3) provided in Chapter 2, calculate the three bond repayment ratios. Use your calculations to comment on the financial condition of Ridgeland Heights Medical Centre.

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