Subway company report

Subway company report

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Semester Project – “Corporate Success at the Global Level” – Cumulative Global Company Analysis Project is a major requirement in this class. You will choose a company to research through the entirety of the semester

1.0 SECTION ONE 1.1 Business strategy 1.2 Global presence 1.3 Vision 1.4 Ethics 1.4 Social Responsibility 2.0 SECTION TWO 2.1 Marketing focus 2.2 Products and solutions 2.3 Global strategy 2.4 Value proposition of the corporation 2.5 Emerging markets involvement 2.6 Executive leadership 3.0 SECTION THREE 3.1 Business structure, organizational model in place and industry focus areas 3.2 Management and leadership objectives 3.3 Methods used for business growth and expansion 3.4 Employee focus (hiring, satisfaction, programs, development) 4.0 SECTION FOUR 4.1 Use of social media and digital technologies for growth 4.2 Employee programs for hiring, development, satisfaction 4.3 Growth Initiatives 4.4 How do they demonstrate “disruptive by nature” within the company 5.0 SECTION FIVE 4.1 Your conclusions about the opportunity for success in the future 4.2 Lessons learned – How is the company positioned for growth?

The goal of the project is to follow the actions of the company and examine how they have used this disruptive business model over the past few years to business a roadmap for the future. You will follow this company for the entire semester and build an analysis of the company as we move through the course. You will link their corporate actions to the topics of the class and you will use the real life examples to illustrate their business transformation. The reports must follow APA formatting requirements: cover page, proper grammar, spelling, formatting and references are required (citing within document and references at the end) and will be graded.

Yes the company is the Doctor’s associates subways but if you have to use other subways as example or to relate stuff fell free.

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