substanse abuse, religion, and laws

substanse abuse, religion, and laws

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1. Discuss the domestic political and cultural/religious values that affect the  recognition and potential solutions of the problem you
select 2. Review federal, state and /or local legislation that address this problem 3. How is the problem seen and addressed in three other countries?  To do this, include the following:  • Identify three policies that address your social issue (one at the federal level, one at the state level (New York State), and one at the local level) • Describe each policy and how it relates to your social issue. • How does each of these policies help or impede the problem? • Identify three religious values that intersect with your topic (you must use three different religions) (Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam) • How does each of these values affect the problem? • How does each of these values assist or interfere with a solution to the problem? • How is this issue viewed in three different countries? • How does each country attempt to ameliorate the problem?

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