A study based on Nordic Europe travel bundles and Western Europe travel bundles.

A study based on Nordic Europe travel bundles and Western Europe travel bundles.

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Motivation could be seen as the initiates for people to go traveling, it decides the overall customer behavior. However, it is always very hard to solve the puzzle why people travel and more specifically, why they travel to that place. Understanding motivation could assist tourism relating business make a better service for their customers as well as helping customers to make their final destinations more reasonable. Most of the previous theoretical frameworks of travel motivation studies are primarily rooted in sociology and social psychology ( Woodside & Drewmartin, 2007). Hsu and Huang (2008) following Pearce (1993) and Pearce et al. (1998), suggest that a ‘ good’ motivation theory needs to be multi-motive, dynamic, measurable and relatively easy to communicate. Moreover, it is most important that the approach functions as an organizer and synthesizer on existing information, with the desirable additional characteristic that it has a future- oriented or predictive capacity (Wang & Pizam, 1995). The tourist motivation is seen as a multidimensional concept that explains tourist decision. (McCabe, 2000). It could be seen from many literatures that travel behavior is affected by many factors and travellers are not a homogeneous group. Baloglu and Usal (1996) argue that the concept of product bundles is used to refer to the perceived importance of the interaction between push and pull items of motivations. (Mohammad & Som 2010) hence interpreting that the statement implies that certain reasons for travel may correspond to certain benefits that are to be valued and obtained at the destination site. Thus, markets and destination promoters in tourism should keep in mind that most successful products are those respond best to a bundle of needs within a given market segment, and should give more marketing efforts to matching a destination’s major attributes to the tourists’ diverse psychological needs.

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