Structured Review Organisation

Structured Review Organisation

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Please trade your Business Communication Evaluation memo with someone in-class. Once you have a copy of your partner’s evaluation, I want you to find the bottom line of the document and to determine whether it’s a deductive structured or inductive structured. Also to do the same thing for each paragraph of the document I want you to find the topic sentence for each paragraph and to determine whether the paragraph deductive or inductive. Next, I want you to do a structured review of the assignment. Review the criteria and then from your interpretation of the document, I want you to provide a condition (describe his/her performance in relation to the criteria) along with providing a rating of strong, satisfactory, or weak. Note: Your rating should be corroborated by the description you made of your partner’s performance.
This assignment is very basic and similar to the previous one that you did for me, I want you to read my partner memo (it is new partner different from the last one) and then fill the form of the structured Review Message as well as I want you to write about the performance of my partner in the memo, and to rate each criteria.***NOTE: please write all the answers and the checks rating in the file (structured_review_organization)

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