Strengths Quest

Strengths Quest

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Paper Details For this assignment you will need to take the 30-minute Strengths Quest Assessment under the Resources (I have take that, please see the profile I upload) tab in the Career Center website.  Answer all of the following within your sections: Top Strengths State and describe the general usability in the workplace of each of your top 5 strengths.

Examples What about the results did you already know about you? How did you know this? Be specific—give examples of how you have exhibited these strengths at work. Surprises What surprised you about the results? What do you plan to do with this new knowledge? Resume How will you use the overall results to strengthen your resume? Be specific– exactly how will your resume change? Preferred language style US English

The paper shows many years of research conducted by The Gallup Organization suggest that the most effective people are those who understand their strengths and behaviors. These people are best able to develop strategies to meet and exceed the demands of their daily lives, their careers, and their families.

A review of the knowledge and skills you have acquired can provide a basic sense of your abilities, but an awareness and understanding of your natural talents will provide true insight into the core reasons behind your consistent successes.

Your Signature Themes report presents your five most dominant themes of talent, in the rank order revealed by your responses to StrengthsFinder. Of the 34 themes measured, these are your “top five.”

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