Strategy analysis

Strategy analysis

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The format of the assignment is an “essay” and as such, does not warrant a cold and objective reporting style complete with establishment of facts and citations. You may of course quote authors but these should be in the nature of appreciation of insights offered, rather than as reportage of theories. Avoid discussion on your group’s
interactions in undertaking the group assignment; the task in this assignment is to reflect on your evolving understanding of yourself as a (future) strategist, not to reflect on teamwork. However you may want to refer to some of the group discussions if they show how your understanding of strategic analysis and evaluation and your role as a strategist enabled your group to progress in their understanding of the case, or to draw new and powerful strategic implications. For an individual reflective essay to fall into the “excellent” range, it would require:

Demonstration of a sophisticated understanding of what it takes to think and act like a strategist by referring to specific theoretical approaches and to the process logic of these approaches in particular and / or the basic assumptions underlying these approaches;

Clear evidence of reflection on the group case study work and / or previous work experience as part of describing how the student has developed an enhanced understanding of doing strategic management; and
A clear structure and effective and persuasive communication with adequate referencing. Assignment Regulations:

The assignment is strictly an individual assignment and permission will not be granted for the assignment to be undertaken on a group basis.

The assignment has a designated word limit and serious infractions of the limit can incur a penalty in the form of a reduction in the assignment mark.

The individual reflective assignments must be submitted separately from the group assignment. Do not incorporate the individual assignments of group members in the group assignment submission.

The individual refection is to be marked anonymously. Do not add your name to the text or on the title pages. Instead use your student number. Students should only be identifiable through their student numbers.

The writer should mainly read and understand the (sae format file) . for better work follow the sequence of the document from 1-3

The file is segregated and highlighted in three parts

• the language must be changed and add more responsibilities my role
as a fast moving distribution goods marketing manager


• full language must be changed based on my job as marketing manager in FMCG field.
• Look at the issues from the marketing approach theory.
• get best knowledge and solution of it.

• Language must be changed

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