Strategic plan of Hospital

Strategic plan of Hospital

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STRATEGIC PLAN: Do a Google search using these keywords Strategic Plan hospital. Then you are to locate a strategic plan that is readily available and begin to review it. Because then you will be beginning to review your own organization’s strategic plan in later assignments. It is important that you select a strategic plan OTHER than your own assignment.Based on your readings from Module 1, write a report that fulfills the following requirements;Identify and summarize the long term goals identified in the plan.Identify and summarize the short-term goals identified in the plan.Summarize the strategic thinking and key stakeholders as identified in the plan.Describe the strategies evident in the plan (corporate-level, divisional-level, organizational-level, and/or unit-level.reading chap 1REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations 7th Ed. 2013Peter M. Ginter-W. Jack Duncan-Linda E. Swayne Jossey-Bass Division of John Wiley Publishers ISBN 978-1-118-46646-9

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