Strategic Marketing Plan for Adidas

Strategic Marketing Plan for Adidas

Strategic Marketing Plan for Adidas

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Strategic Marketing Plan for Adidas List the company management – key executives and board members only. Do not duplicate the list from the web site, as often is done. Describe how the company is managed – by function or geography or both. It is important for you to understand how a company is managed – how is marketing organized – by function or by product or geography. This may be difficult to determine if you cannot find it in the annual report or in on the web site. Personal interviews may reveal this with a senior executive. You may have an organizational chart – that is helpful; do not list all board members if it is too long (more than 12).

Company and Product Description In this first major section, you introduce the company and describe “what they do”. You provide an overview for the reader that delineates the major elements of the company and its capabilities. Remember, the audience for the Strategic Marketing Plan are company executives – you will have to demonstrate that you know the company as well or better than they do. So it is imperative you don’t try to fudge here – be creative – do some research on the company that is out of the box. Company Overview — Introduction Try not to cut & paste the standard company description from the company’s web site – remember, this is an ‘original’ document – given to executives within the same company who will recognize “C&P” (Cut and Paste). Therefore, it is incumbent on you to present the information in original voice (yours). Be careful not to be too succinct – the challenge is to explain what the company does and how it fits within its world. Remember in writing the Company Overview, you have other sections that will provide more detail.


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