strategic management strategy of merger and acquisition

strategic management strategy of merger and acquisition

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Write a 2,500-word report critically analysing how the strategy of merger and acquisition has been used in the energy sector during the oil price drop of 2014 to 2016. The report should include the application of two appropriate academic models. One academic model should focus on internal and external factors. The other model used in the report should focus on strategy. You should also consider the following when carrying out your research:

• The report should include appropriate energy examples of merger and acquisition deals during the oil price drop of 2014 to 2016, and should critically analyze the challenges and benefits of merger and acquisition as a strategy within the energy sector.
• The report should not analyze any ongoing merger or acquisition deals. Total Marks for Assignment: 100 Format Report 2500 words Can use Headings, Figures, Tables – must show relevance Ignore learning outcomes on the portal just focus on answering the question Use 7 – Academic modules One – looking at internal and external environment, the climate and environment

The other – focusing on strategies Get 2 mergers and Acquisitions deals (one big deal, and one some deal). That happened between 2014
-2016. The deals must not be an on-going deal, must be a concluded deal. Critically analyse the following What challenges and issues these companies were facing operating in same environment and climate Why are they merging Sources and material to use Must use at least one journals could be a oil and gas journal or strategic management journal must be about mergers and acquisitions

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