Stock Report Business

Stock Report Business

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Think of this page as an executive summary (a short summary of all pertinent facts in a document),and the rest of the report backs this up.

An investor should be able to look over this page, and have a pretty good idea of the most important facts and issues about the company, and what you (the analyst) think about it as an investment opportunity.

Note a few things here:
At top is your name, and statement that this is Student Research for 125340. This is to disclose to anyone who happens to read this, that it is not intended as investment advice (you?ll see again on last page that full disclosure is important)

Also at top is the Industry name and the Company Name.

Below that is descriptive information, as well as your Recommendation.

Headings. Throughout, there are Styles used to make your life easier. If you haven?t learned about this feature in Word, this is a good time to do so (but not compulsory). When you set or change a style as a particular format, every area of the document that has been defined as that style will change accordingly.

On page 1, ?Highlights? has been defined as Heading2 (see upper right of Windows ribbon; right click on the Heading 2 button and select ?modify?, to see or change the settings of this style).

You will also see ?Paragraph Heading? (this is Heading3); you only need to use this when there is a subsection you want to identify. You won?t necessarily have this in every section.

In Highlights, you list key features about this company. These may be positive statements about management, new products, etc; or could be negative ? warnings about potential risks. Think of these as what you would want to tell an investor client, if you only had 30 seconds to talk.

Page 2 +
Business Description
In this section you describe the firm?s ?story?. What is their business/product, etc.? Are there multiple segments of the business? What is their industry? Is there something about their history that is important? Are there features about this company that sets it apart from the crowd? This business description section will usually be quite short, but after reading it, an investor should know what this company does, and have some idea about what you think is special about it (if anything).

Industry Overview and Competitive Positioning
In this section you describe the industry for your target company. What does this industry do, what are major opportunities and risks to the industry (which will of course also affect your firm), and who are the major players? This is where you also discuss your target firm?s market share, and if they have any competitive advantage.

This is the section where you discuss valuation results.

You should use 3 methods; 1 relative valuation method (use estimated PE forecast price, andcompare PE to competitors), and 2 absolute valuation methods ? DDM and DCF For each method, you will have an estimated target price

A brief summary of the most important ones will probably be on page 1.

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