Stock Market Analysis and Valuation

Stock Market Analysis and Valuation

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I had an essay where I needed to insert an excel file regarding my valuation techniques (These valuation techniques are in the essay that I will insert). The topic was that we had to find a company and analyze it. I chose Mark & Spencer’s (M&S). Everything which needs to be understood is in the essay that I will insert. All that needs to be
done is make an excel file and use it to find the values for the different valuation techniques used. I used the financial statement foe M&S which can be found on their site. Make an excel document that should contain the following: A) The methods you used to analyze the company. Specifically, the excel should show the calculations based on which you arrived at the fair values; which in turn were reported in the essay. B) The excel file should contain the data you used to do the calculations. C) You must mention the sources of data. If you used the financial
statements and other data from yahoo finance or any other website, then you must mention sources. If you downloaded the financial statements of M&S online and extracted the numbers from there, then please mention that explicitly.

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