Statistics Qualitative Measurement Paper

Statistics Qualitative Measurement Paper

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The following are the instructions for the paper. The paper will be based on the article that I have provided in the files. Also I have uploaded a sample of how the paper should look like. Be sure to include the complete original data collection tool in your paper (as an appendix). For this paper you will not want to choose research that uses ethnography, participant-observation, life histories, and some kinds of in-depth narrative analysis. These methods require a level of sophistication and open-ended measurement/interpretation that we do not have time in this class to learn, and the writing about them often does not include great detail about the design.

In the paper:1. Evaluate the data collection strategy2. Evaluate the validity and coherence of the findings and the conclusions the author or authors describe.3. Critique the design of the evaluation, and suggest improvements.4. Develop a new strategy to improve the reliability, validity, and quality of the data collected5. Describe in detail a plan for evaluating quality of your strategyRefer to the sample paper for guidance. Also Please feel free to message me if you have any questions.

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