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State Icon Paper

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In this assignment, choose an individual of your liking who has had a significant impact upon state politics, in one form or another. This icon may be from any state of your choosing, but must have had, or be having, a significant impact upon state politics. Likewise, this icon may be living or passed, but they must have had a significant impact upon the politics in the state in which they practiced the “art of politics”. To avoid this being a history paper, and to make it a political science paper, the icon’s impact needs to still be evident today and must have an impact on contemporary state politics. In other words, the icon that you research and write upon must still be relevant today.Details: Papers should by typed using 12-point Times New Roman font, and should be double-spaced and properly proofed, researched, and cited. The paper should include an introduction and conclusion, the icon’s political biography, and a discussion of the impact that you icon continues to have upon state politics. In the end, the paper should explain why the icon is significant and detail the contributions that they continue to make in state politics today. There is no page minimum or maximum, but make sure you are thorough in addressing the icon’s impact.

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