The Stanford Prison Experiment film (2015)

The Stanford Prison Experiment film (2015)

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Analyze — from a Social-Psychological perspective — the behaviors and events depicted in the film The Stanford Prison Experiment-2015.
Do not critique the film in terms of its value as a work of art or as entertainment. Think carefully about the human actions and events portrayed in the film. Apply concepts regarding the factors that predict and explain human social behavior and identify 3 social-psychological principles that appear to be operating in the events or individuals depicted in the film from Chapter 11 of your textbook. For each principle that you identify:
(a) Briefly describe the relevant scene (you may assume that your reader has seen the film);
(b) Describe in detail the social-psychological principle you believe is relevant, bringing in research findings as much as possible (that is, briefly state the findings of relevant experiments you’ve read or heard about); and
(c) Elaborate on how the selected scene conforms and/or fails to conform to the social-psychological principle you have identified, as well as to the research findings that support the principle (for example, describe how the scene is similar to or different from relevant experiments you’ve read or heard about).
(d) Must cite at least 3 scholarly sources. Peer reviewed journals or books, sources from the internet, such as Wikipedia or All Psych, are NOT acceptable.

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