The Standardisation vs Adaptation Debate

The Standardisation vs Adaptation Debate

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The questions should be answered as one single essay in two parts. Do not answer as two separate questions.The Standardisation vs Adaptation DebatePart AOutline the standardization vs adaptation debate and summarize the key arguments of both sides. Part BDiscuss the advantages and disadvantages of each side and evaluate which argument is most appropriate for the international marketing environment of the twenty-first century.

Your work should demonstrate a good understanding of the topic based on thorough research and extensive reading. Your essay should include references from at least ten academic journal articles. It should also include examples from numerous companies and countries to demonstrate knowledge and support arguments. Theory and models should be used throughout. Do not write a single case study answer. The assignment reflects all the learning objectives and represents 100% of the assessment for the module. This means if you fail the assignment you will fail the module. The word limit is 2500 words (Times New Roman 12 font, using 1.5 line spacing). You are allowed to include a reasonable amount of relevant supporting material in the appendix. If you exceed the word limit you will be penalised by receiving a lower grade. All material should be properly referenced according to the Harvard system of referencing used in most academic journals.

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