Issues of prejudice, racism, discrimination, and/or stereotyping

Issues of prejudice, racism, discrimination, and/or stereotyping

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Academic Level: Bachelor Paper details Your essay should be between 3 and 4 full pages
of text, double-spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins, no odd spacing, and in paragraph format. Keep the formatting of your paper consistent. Include a reference page for any outside information or articles you
cite. Proofread your work for grammatical errors and typos. Papers with excessive typos/grammatical errors will not be accepted. See“Common writing issues…” on the next page. Examine 3 current events
(in the last 5 years or so) for issues of prejudice, racism, discrimination, and/or stereotyping.
You might start this process by searching online for a current event you are aware of and then using the sources you find to assist your search. might be a good place to start. Then, describe
the events. Next, use the following questions to shape your discussion of these events. Is race an obvious or subtle focus of this issue? How can you tell? Compare and contrast the events. What similarities or
differences exist with regard to race? What other issues or stereotypes (i.e. pertaining to gender and/or class) are factors in these events? Is there any obvious or underlying bias in the reportingof the incident? How can you tell? Were these events considered “hot topics” in the news or on social media?
In what ways can you connect these current events to the coursematerials (terms/theories) about race, prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination, and racism? You should include links to these events
at the end of your paper, after you meet the 3-4 page requirement. Show that they are keen observers of human behavior, particularly with regard to racial issues. Make connections between the course material
and real life.

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