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SPSS QUANTITATIVE ASSIGNMENT 5 INSTRUCTIONS – NINE (9) PROBLEMS.This assignment concerns an important step in data analysis: recoding.
Recoding input variables (questionnaire results) is a routine task in SPSS. Recoding input variables is often used to change the codes for categories of a particular input variable or when there are too many variable input options for one question within a questionnaire. The original research design of the questionnaire may have warranted the inclusion of too many options. Often, the researcher is curious or interested in stating all of the variable input options for a given question or interested in past research endeavors that used the same scale as input variables.When certain statistical calculations are run, the format of the input variable is non-negotiable. Most of the time, variables need to be combined when the number of particular responses for one category is too small to analyze. For example, a questionnaire could have asked respondents to give a specific age, which could be anywhere from 1–100 (100 choices). The original responses (continuous data) could be recoded into a new variable (ordinal data) that reflect 3–5 categories (30 and younger, 31–50,
51–70, and 71 and older).

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