SPSS Data Analysis of Job Attitudes

SPSS Data Analysis of Job Attitudes

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Describe all of your participants from whom you collected data. Include information such as number of participants, age, race, tenure with organization, organizational level, job title, et cetera. If you used focus groups, what was the size of the groups?MeasuresHere, describe and list, in detail, all of the quantitative measuring instruments and data collection tools (e.g., survey instruments) and/or qualitative forms and data collection tools (e.g., interview and focus group questions). Please include all forms used in an Appendix. Please be sure to also provide an explanation and justification of these instruments. Finally, be sure to properly cite any sources for your instruments and questions.

• Summarize the three instruments you used to measure job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and job involvement in the organization as well as the diagnostic instruments you selected.

•Please describe the items and scoring method from each instrument you used as part of your diagnostic survey.

• Provide an example item from each scale you selected and describe the scale anchors used to score the instrument.

• Describe the psychometric properties (reliability and validity) of the instrument.

• Justify your use of these instruments.

•Summarize the psychometric properties of the instruments.

ProceduresHere, describe exactly how the data were collected. Data AnalysisHere, describe how you analyzed your data. If you collected quantitative data, how were scores on items computed? Did you aggregate scores on specific items to create a variable score (e.g., a score for job satisfaction)? Did you compute means and standard deviations? Did you compute frequencies of responses? For qualitative data, how did you generate themes and did you use specific software to do so?

Results SectionHere you submit a summary of data results; include a narrative of findings (descriptive statistics and correlations). Your analysis should include the following:
• Computation of coefficient alpha estimates of reliability of the items within each of the instruments
• Computation of overall scores based on individuals’ responses to the specific items from a specific instrument (compute the mean rather than the sum of the set of items)
• Computation of the mean and standard deviation associated with each instrument’s overall score (and subscales, if appropriate)
• Computation of frequency distributions of each item from each of the selected instruments
• Computation of Pearson’s Product Moment correlations all of your variables (each instruments’ overall score and/or subscales [if appropriate])

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