Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

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To demonstrate an ability to identify nutrition challenges posed by a sport which has limited specific nutrition guidelines in the literature.


Nick X is heading to the Indian Himalayas to climb a 6000m peak. Nick and a friend will head to India and Nepal to do two months of climbing and trekking. Their goal is to climb Stok Kangri (6100m) in India, complete the remote Hampta Pass (India), and then trek up to Everest Base Camp and return via the famous Three Passes route. Nick has been diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. With physio and exercise training Nick has progressed from having leg weakness and finding great difficulty walking on uneven surfaces to trekking throughout New Zealand and setting a goal to climb a significant mountain every year. Nick X has improved so much that there are conflicting opinions as to whether he has Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis or another Multiple Sclerosis subtype.


Prepare an essay outlining the physiological, mental, and nutritional challenges faced by our athlete with MS with a focus on his upcoming climb. Include in your essay:

1. A discussion of the physiological and mental challenges faced by our athlete climbing the Himalayas and with MS

2. A discussion of the main nutritional challenges faced by our athlete climbing the Himalayas and with MS

3. A discussion on the use of ergogenic aids when climbing the Himalayas

4. A practical nutrition plan for one day (can be include as an appendix). Justify your choices of foods and supplements based on your discussion above regarding the main nutrition challenges

5. The suggested length of essay is 3000-4000 words (not including references or appendices)

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