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Your task is to view a sports-related movie and write a brief review. Here are the steps to the assignment.  Step 1: You are to choose a movie from the list of sports-related movies or of your choosing. You do not need to let me know. Know which movie you have chosen.  Step 2: Rent and watch the movie. Even if you have seen the movie before, you should rent it and watch it again. While viewing the movie, identify sport psychology themes that are depicted in the movie (aggression, parental involvement, goal setting, teamwork, etc.). You should probably take notes so you can remember what you saw so you can report on it later.  Step 3: Write a review of the movie. The review should be 2 to 4 double-spaced pages with one margins, 12 font, and should contain the following sections:  Heading: Include the title, year, sport(s) depicted, and the sports psychology theme(s) you identified in the movie. Identify as many major themes as you can.  Plot Outline: Give a brief description of the major characters and the storyline. Feel free to describe the ending, as you won’t ruin my watching of the movie by doing so. This section should be 1 or 2 paragraphs.  Theme(s): Discuss 1 or 2 of the themes identified in the heading. Discuss them in the context of the movie and in the context of what the field of sports psychology knows. This may require some reading in the text that we have not yet covered. You may also use other sources (research studies, magazine articles, etc.) to support your discussion. You can use quotes from the movie to illustrate points. Offer any suggestions for interventions, if appropriate, that are based on what you have learned so far.  Summary: A paragraph summarizing the movie and your discussion of the themes. End this with a rating of the movie from 1 (terrible) to 5 (great).  Grading This review is worth 10 points toward the semester. Reviews will be graded on format, spelling, and grammar (15%, so proofread your paper!!!) and overall content (85%: themes identified, integration of knowledge of sports psychology, summary, etc.).

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