Special education ((autism))

Special education ((autism))

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Research to Practice Paper: Each student will write a brief literature review of relevant articles and books (minimum of 5 references) and then describe how a particular strategy or approach is put into practice in a classroom or work site. Briefly describe the person with autism that is the focus of the paper. Do not use real names. Explain his skills and interests. Indicate how long you have known the person who is the focus of this report (e.g., I observed 3 times or a half hour each visit.) (1/2 page – 5 points) Describe the strategy or approach (e.g., discrete trial teaching, video modeling, PRT, schedules, independent work stations) as it is used in the setting you observe. Use the references to describe the goals and any outcome research using the strategy or approach. (1- 1 1/2 pages – 10 points) Describe your observation of the strategy in use and how the student reacted. Describe how the teacher or aid determined if the strategy was successful. Describe the data used of the strategy. (field notes or narrative recording is fine) (1 – 2 pages 15 points). Attach data or a similar sample to the report.

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