Social Services – Service to Families

Social Services – Service to Families

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Search the following websites:

Wisconsin Department of Child and Families: Wisconsin WIC program:

After a thorough review, pick three of the most interesting programs to you in terms of their ability to help families. Provide a deep understanding of the services and be able to describe why the services are critical to families in Wisconsin.

Social Services- Services to Families

This paper inhibits a number of family and child services that have been provided to the Wisconsin communities. A thorough research was undertaken through the websites of Wisconsin Department of Health Services In order to select the most relevant programs. Program 1: Wisconsin WIC Program It should be noted that among various programs concerning Wisconsin community, Wisconsin WIC Program has been a widely acclaimed programs. The main objective of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women is to allow better access to health services to both women and children within the community of Wisconsin. The need of the implementation of the chosen plan is significant because women health directly impact’s the health of children. Therefore, special consideration has been given to the women in this program (Wisconsin Department of Health Services, 2014).

Program 2: Family Care

It is yet another significant program provided by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. The fact remains that this program has specific goals that are basic in terms of community need.


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