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From THE readings, video posted, and other research, please submit a 500 word essay on the topic of learned social theory as it applies to marginalized segments of our society. We all seem to believe that poverty and crime go hand in hand, though in my case, I had two parents who grew up in unspeakable poverty and escaped. Not all their siblings did. I am sure many of you have family experiences similar to mine, but somehow they don’t seem, from what we have read and seen, the norm. For this week, your own experience with this theory in action will be invaluable. You must complete, and cite from, the reading of Chapter 5 in our text, as well as one other source as you explore this topic. Does being poor and marginalized lead to a situation where the likelihood of criminality increases? ‘Remember, cite from the text, the videos and one other outside source. Please use full APA format for citations.

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