SLP #5 Education

SLP #5 Education

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As depicted in the previous module, the Session Long Project component of this course entails the development of the introduction and the problem statement of the literature review for your future dissertation. You will utilize a series of 15 studies (three per module) from the peer-reviewed research literature and doctoral dissertations, no older than five years, to build your project.


Develop your final introduction and problem statement of your future dissertation.

Create an 8 page narrative essay to present your project, which should be organized with (1)

Introduction including the purpose, significance, and implications of your project, (2) Problem Statement including the knowledge gap by summarizing your literature review, the possible contribution of your

study, and research questions.

Use a minimum of 15 studies (12 studies used in SLP 1-4 and a fifth set of three studies: 10 studies: peer- reviewed research articles, 5 studies: doctoral dissertations) published within the last 5 years. Those studies should be related to your topic to build the purpose, problem statement, research questions, and literature review of your project

Minimum of 8 pages excluding the cover and reference page….attach the separate cover and reference page.

Pre-Written Pages: 8



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