Size & Market Share

Size & Market Share

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please read eHarmony case attached file PDF. This is a group presentation and after conducting a Situation Analysis to identify which of the options listed in page 13-14 should be pursued by eHarmony we selected option number 2 listed in page 14. Each team member will create on reason to support our recommendation about why option 2 is the best option for eHarmony to make more profit and revenue. Situation: How the company should address recent competitor action Complication: the cost of the eHarmony membership $60

Question: Which one of the four strategic options that are being considered by eHarmony’s CEO and COO should be pursued? Page-14.
Answers: option number 2 expanding to a new segment

The assignment is to Identify How Size &Market Share will be effected if the company select to expand to a new segment.

• Use of headlines (reason) at the top of each slides
• In the body of the slides you should put facts that support the headlines (reason) minimum 2-3 good evidence in bullets list.
• Use Bar Graph or Line Graph or Pie Chart to support the reason.

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