Sex Education and lower teen abortion rates

Sex Education and lower teen abortion rates

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Many teenagers in the United States become sexually active in at an early age without fully understanding the consequences or the complexities of their bodies. Take for instance the case of Lilly who is a 16 year old and has recently started indulging in sexual activities. After missing her third period, she realized that something had changed inside her body. She bought a self-test pregnancy kit and which confirmed that she was pregnant. A visit to the doctor established that she was 15 weeks pregnant. She considered her options which were: have the baby and give it to be adopted by someone else or undergo an abortion. Lilly understood that she was too young to handle the responsibilities of being a single mother and therefore she decided to have an abortion. The operation was performed without any undue complications, but this unfortunate incident might cause her regrets in the future. Even if she completely forgets this incident, this unwanted pregnancy could have been easily avoided if she had received proper sex education, either in school or from her parents

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