Service Encounters Blogs

Service Encounters Blogs

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The purpose of this assignment it to understand and evaluate service encounters from your perspective as a customer. In addition, keeping the blog will sensitize you to the various service issues we will be covering in this course.
Every learner in this class will keep a service encounter blog outlining four service  encounters. After the service encounter is described, the experience will be analyzed  in relation to the textbook chapter concepts for that week/period.  We all have a number of service encounters every week, everything from restaurants, banks, airlines, dry cleaners, travel agencies, phone and cable providers, public transport and libraries to medical services. Each blog entry will correspond to one service encounter you have had over the term. Collect a variety of types of incidents (i.e., don’t do only restaurants); including some that you find very satisfying and some that are very dissatisfying. The best way to complete your blog is to record each one immediately following a particular encounter.
Analyze your entries in relation to the chapters covered during that week or over that period and identify five to seven common threads that relate to the text. Write a short 2 to 3 pages (approximately 1000 words) report (12 pt.) describing your encounter and relate your encounter to chapter concepts 1-4. Include page number references for the analysis. Include external resources for additional insight.

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