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Write a 1000 word rsearch paper that defines Search Engine Optimization (SEO), provides good / bad SEO techniques and examples, ranks techniques, and locate at least two companies that provide SEO services: Conduct research Define SEO. Google’s definition is a great place to start, however you will need to research to find additional, original resources of your own. Summarize and provide four examples each of good and bad SEO techniques (in your own words and examples –
research multiple resources). Rank your examples of good SEO techniques, starting with the best technique as number one and then justify how you determined the rank. Locate and list at least two companies that provide SEO service. Locate your own, original resources. Locate a news article, website, advertisement, or blog of
an example of a good or bad SEO technique used by real companies. The Business & Technology section of the Seattle Times has one great example. You will need to locate another original example of your own. After researching SEO, techniques, examples, etc., write 1000 word research paper to detail your findings.

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