sensory function

sensory function

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1. You are a nurse in a world-renowned hospital with a comprehensive Neurology clinic. Nine-year-old Joshua can’t fly on a plane without experiencing dizziness and vomiting. His mother is quite distressed and brings him in for an evaulation. Also on your list of patients today is fifty-four-year-old Melissa has a constant ringing in her ears and complains sometimes that she can’t hear out of her left ear and feels like she is spinning at times.
a. Explain how the concept of sensory function applies to each situation.
b. A late add-on is 43-year-old Sylvia who experienced vertigo and vomiting and went to a local Emergency Room. She was told she had a “tumor of the fourth ventricle of her brain”. What can you share with her about this diagnosis and how is her different then Melissa and Joshua? book
Porth, M. (2011). Essentials of Pathophysiology. Philadelphia, PA:Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
Include a minimum of 2 references. references need to be scholarly peer-reviewed nursing journal articles published within the last 5 years


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