Seminar Questions Outline

Seminar Questions Outline

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Seminar Questions part 2 ( topic 5 to topic 11)Answers to these questions should be prepared for assessment due as per the unit outline (mid and at the end of the teaching period). Topics 1 to 4 are for Part One of the assessment. Topics 5 to 11 are for Part Two of the assessment.Answers should be properly researched and consist of a synthesis of the student’s own views, the textbook, internet and offline sources. It is expected that an answer to a question would consist of 2-4 paragraphs (100-200 words). All work should be paraphrased (in the student’s own words) and properly referenced (in-text and in one section at the end of the text) as per the Curtin Library Referencing (Chicago Author Date) examples.

The format for submission should be one word processed document, spell and grammar checked, with word count, page numbers, references, and clearly sectioned. You should use the questions below as headings (so cut and paste these). Further details on submission will be provided via BlackBoard and in class closer to the due date.Please note that the final work and submission is to be individual and will be checked using Turnitin plagiarism detection software. The assessment marking guide (rubric) ( attached) will be made available via My Grades in BlackBoard and will be discussed in class.

Topic 5 KM Strategy1. State and justify some tools, technologies, processes, and/or methods that could be used to support personalisation and/or codification strategies.

2. At home or in the lab download the Decision Explorer software (attached) and enter your version of the cognitive map from the lab. “How can we improve assessment feedback in KMIS?” Include some screen captures showing your maps, and use your map as an example to answer the following questions.a) What are the main features of cognitive mapping?

b) How could it be used to support strategy development?c) What analysis options does the DE software provide?(If you can’t access DE then use PowerPoint or Visio (or some drawing tool) to draw the maps.)3. Answer Unilever Case Study q1-3. (p. 113) ( case and questions are attached)

Topic 6 KM and Culture1. How can competitive and collaborative cultures respectively affect KM strategies? Illustrate with reference to Orlikowski’s articles (Article is attached ).2. How could the OCI (Organisational Culture Inventory) circumplex (Jashapara, 2004, p. 197) be used in changing between an aggressive/defensive culture and a constructive culture? Illustrate with a diagram. What management strategies/tactics might be required to make the change? ( page 197 is attached)3.What are the strengths and weaknesses of a groupware like GroupMap that we explored in the laboratory? Illustrate by using some screen captures from the lab.

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