Self assessment Accounting

Self assessment Accounting

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Self-assessing your assignments is an important aspect of self-learning and preparing for examinations. With the aid of solutions and/or marking guides, debriefing your work will help you gauge your performance and improve your ability to identify and address issues contained in complex problems, narrative questions, and cases.

The following steps may be helpful in completing your self-assessments:

1. Begin by reading the entire solution/marking guide, as applicable.

2. Then, compare your responses to the above resource(s).

3. Analyze the areas for which you did not achieve competency.

4. Correct your assignment, if applicable.

5. Return to the “big picture” – in terms of potential take-aways from the assignment’s required; and,

6. Assess your performance (from both technical and pervasive perspectives, as applicable) and re-submit your corrected assignment and an assessment summary that includes your recommended marks (by question and in total) for the work. Your instructor may provide a rubric for your completion for the assessment summary.

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