SCM Factors affecting the performance of cement factories

SCM Factors affecting the performance of cement factories

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Cement is a mixture of limestone, sand, clay and iron. The significance of the following raw materials lead us to value the importance of such industry where the question of efficiency imposes itself. Over the past decades, this capital and energy intensive industry witnessed great amount of pressure when it comes to minimizing losses, improving workflows and harming the environment. Dikshit and Trivedi (2012) claimed that building up a regular plant would cost 3 years of turnover, which in turn ranks the cement industry amongst the most capital intensive. With the growing global population and the development of all sorts of countries, it is primordial to point out the major elements that directly affect the performance of such firms who’s presence and actions after the company’s stakeholder and the world in general. In our globalized competitive market, effective strategic managers are constantly investing time and capital in order to gain and sustain competitive advantage.

Managers’ focus is oriented towards the entire value chain, stressing on the effective management of procurement, in land and maritime transportation, and finally maintenance. It is primordial to note that capital intensive industries specially cement, has seen a decrease in labor intensive jobs and a shift towards automation which entails a great deal of efforts when maintaining primordial assets such as machinery.\n\nWhile these issues become primordial to the business world and especially to capital-intensive industries, it is of top-level management concerns to leverage the organization’s competitive advantage through well-processed operations and by laying eyes on the importance of maintaining capital assets. The following research has the objective of identifying the major operational activities that affect the cement company’s performance. This objective and research problem will be tackled using quantitative research methods, which is going to be elaborated in the coming sections.\nPreferred language style   UK English

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