Scientific Review neuroscience

Scientific Review neuroscience

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The purpose of this assignment is to give you experience in
1. finding and critically evaluating research in the field of neuroscience and 2. evaluating how this research is disseminated to a non-scientific audience. Approach: You will identify 1 article in the science section of NY Times ( or a similar newspaper or reputable online source (which is not directed at scientists). This article must include a link to a research article in an academic journal. Read both the NY Times article and the primary research article and write a 1 page summary including the following information:

1. A reference section, which includes references in the format of The Journal of Neuroscience (see examples below) and links to both the NY Times article and the research article it is based on.

2. A brief summary of both articles (one paragraph)

3. Your opinion addressing why this research was chosen to be shared with the broad readership of the NY Times.

4. An evaluation of the research article. Was the experiment clear? Was it well written? Do you agree with the findings and interpretations?

5. An evaluation of the NY Times article. Did it correctly and adequately cover the research article?

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