School management system Interim Report

School management system Interim Report

Order Details:

(1) This report is to show the Research and Findings of your project. Do not go straight to software system analysis & design, and implementation.

(2) evaluate your report based on the three aspects:

1. Is the project background satisfactory?

2. Is the research and investigation satisfactory?

3. Is the project plan satisfactory?

Suggested items and organisation of your report:

(1) Describe briefly about the study area (e.g. education) so that the assessor knows what you are doing about.

(2) Clearly identify (describe and discuss) the problem (e.g. the current school management system cannot fulfill the needs of…..) exists in the study area.

(3) Discuss what bad effect(s) may be caused by the problem discussed in (B) above.

(4) State clearly the objectives of the project.

(5) Suggest a solution (with scope) – in words, not in software system function names.

(6) Describe the success criteria for the project.

(7) Discuss the benefits that may be brought by the solution (E) above.

(8) Describe and discuss how the proposed solution can be implemented using


(11) Make sure you have included a References section.

(12) Should not include any software system analysis and design (e.g. DFD, database

design) at this stage.

(13) The report should be around 3000 to 5000 words.

Pre-Written Pages: 15



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