School Law and Public Policy

School Law and Public Policy

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Diane Ravitch (2010) has reversed her previous school reform position, and now suggests that public schools are being devastated because of school choice initiatives and testing policies. As an educator, you feel that reform policies must be designed and implemented with great care and consideration for possible impact. You also believe that traditionally, educators have been left out of policy discussions, and that litigation has served as the primary means for inclusion in the process. Use examples from research, case law, and current and former policies as you compare and contrast the following options for inclusion in the policy change process:
(1) Educators should strike in order to show policymakers that their demands for inclusion are serious. and
(2) Educators should take a political course of action in order to gain access to policy formulation and implementation processes.
Your discussion must include substantive data supported by at least five sources (from legislation and/or litigation; state policies developed to enforce legislation; books; your Alexander and Alexander textbook; and articles from refereed journals). As background, you should discuss cases that have evolved from collective bargaining mandates and basic information about policy formation (i.e. including stakeholders, political action, etc.). Your response should be three to five pages in length.


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