School curriculum and the Global Economy Education

School curriculum and the Global Economy Education

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Assignment 1 – Critical Issue Investigation Paper (25% of Grade): Select an issue in American education discussed in Spring’s American Education text.  You should utilize additional sources beyond Spring to gain a fuller understanding of the issue.  A minimum of five different sources should be cited and referenced.  Your paper should address the following:   a) the socio-historic conditions that surround(ed) this issue (e.g. social/historical events, different stages that the issue itself has undergone); b) the different positions and arguments within the issue; and c) the different effects that have stemmed from this issue (e.g. in what ways and areas does this issue show up in contemporary education?). Your paper should be 5 – 6 pages in length (i.e. 5 – 6 pages excluding title page, abstract, references, appendices, etc.) and should utilize the sources and citations that you deem appropriate to address the assignment.  You should utilize the APA (6th edition) style and format, paying particular attention to citing your references properly. This assignment has the potential to provide up to 25 points toward the final course grade.

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