Scholarly Article Summary

Scholarly Article Summary

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to do this paper, the MOST IMPORTANT THING IS you will need to have  access to JSTOR Scholarly Journal Archive. and you will need to find an article ONLY from this archive as the following requirement described, and either provide me a link or the pdf file. the course is about organizational behavior, especially in corporations aspect. Please use simple language to do this paper. requirement: Each student will work individually to analyze a scholarly article on a subject that is relevant to our course topics. You will identify an article published in the last three years in a scholarly publication (e.g. Journal of Organizational Behavior, Academy of Management Review, Human Resource Management, Journal of Occupational Psychology, Employee Relations, Journal of Business Ethics, etc.) to which you can have access through Online Library Electronic Databases. In your summary, you will provide the following:  a complete citation of the article using APA format (see attached) an introduction that clearly identifies the purpose(s) of the article a brief synopsis of what the article discusses
a brief (2-3 paragraph) discussion linking our course concepts to your article (these theories can either support or contradict the author’s

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