Samsung engineering employee training and professional development programs.

Samsung engineering employee training and professional development programs.

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Employee Development and Retention Paper and Presentation。 Research an organizations employee training and professional development programs. What type of training strategies or programs does the company provide to retain their employees and gain desirable skill sets, find opportunities for growth and advancement, and experience
work environments that promote equity and fairness between employers and employees. Does the organization spend adequate time and money to ensure that employees are well trained and engaged in their positions?  a) Identify elements of effective training and development programs used by your chosen organization.  b) Analyze components of effective retention and career development processes employed by your organization within your chosen industry (how motivated and engaged are employees in your chosen organization). c) Examine applications of human resources planning with regard to skill sets and gap analysis. What can the company do to improve its
training programs? d) Recommend elements of an effective employee engagement program for application by organizations within your chosen industry. How can the organization get employees motivated about their performance?  What i want writer to do is section b). The writer need choose one or two of following programs in section b).   And here is more info: Here are a few sample programs:  Safety Training  Wellness Training  Stress Management Training  Time Management Training  Succession Planning and Leadership Training  Literacy Training  Technical Training/Computer Literacy Training  Counseling  Ethics and Harassment Training  Diversity Training  Professional Development Programs  Performance Management Programs  Employee Relations and Employee Engagement Programs

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