The Role of the US in the World

The Role of the US in the World

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“Immigration reform” in America is commonly used to depict the American government’s plans to increase legal immigration and prevent and discourage illegal immigration. The guest worker scheme which received the support of George W. Bush is meant to reduce illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is a very contentious topic in the United States. American citizens who support greater compliance of immigrations regulations argue that illegal immigrants cost American taxpayers around $338.3 billion, and compromise the security of law enforcement personnel and citizens, especially in areas near the Mexican border (Holzer). The US immigration policies are based on the assumption that most people in other countries, especially under developed want to come to live and work in the United States of America. As to why the Americans have always welcomed new immigrant is because these immigrants are needed to run the American economic engine, and the immigrants usually bring in new and innovative skills and technologies desperately needed here.

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