role of renewable energy

role of renewable energy

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Critically review the role of renewable energy policy and strategy in achieving a low- carbon economy and energy security in Australia.

Notes on the assignment

1. In your argument/analysis, you can use economic analytical tools discussed in the text/readings, graphical models and data/information, as appropriate.

2. Write about 2000–2500 words in essay format, using the Harvard style of referencing.

3. It may be helpful to break the question into parts to fully understand the entire task. The response may be divided in several sections (e.g. introduction, discussion and/or analysis and conclusion) and sub-sections.

4. You should use at least fifteen references other than the textbook and selected readings including ten refereed journal articles.

Marking criteria

Marks for this assignment will be awarded on the basis of the following criteria:

● physical presentation (spelling, grammar, structure, style and construction) (20 marks)

● research effort (relevance, extent and use of material, review of literature and referencing – Harvard style and 15 references including 10 journal articles) (20 marks)

● understanding and knowledge, and critical analysis and logical argument (understanding of concepts and theories, review of literature, logical argument and analytical skills) (50 marks)

● introduction and conclusions

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