The Role of Online Intermediaries in marketing

The Role of Online Intermediaries in marketing

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Main Objective of the assessmentOnline Intermediaries have a very important role, as they facilitate in a variety of ways the sales process, and as such, for a product to make its way from the producer to the consumer. However, they are diverse and have different types and functionalities in assisting the sales process.You are working
with Yanko Design (Y K) that designed and produced a new innovative produce (Smart Finger). You are advising on the role of online intermediaries as an important element in the digital marketing environment. You are therefore required to produce a report that analyses and discusses (the range of intermediaries types) and identifies the most suitable 2 or 3 types of online intermediaries that you believe would be effective in specifically marketing this new product in the UK online marketplace.

Description of the AssessmentThis coursework assesses the three learning outcomes of this module.As a tip, you need to become familiar with the new product first before you can attempt this coursework. In preparation for this report you will also have to read journal articles that relate to the use of online intermediaries. This would enable you to develop a more in-depth understanding of the 2 or 3 types and also the specific UK ones to go for. In the actual report, you will have to identify, compare and contrast possible intermediaries and provide a recommendation for the 2 or 3 that you think are the most effective. You will need to use recent/up-to-date
academic journal articles to provide support to your analysis and justify the proposed types. Make sure to cite those papers in the main body of the report and provide a list of references at the end of the report.

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