Risk Management in Healthcare

Risk Management in Healthcare

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Answer the following (2) questions.
Length: answer 1- paragraph for each question, not to exceed 1-page total, including references.
Cite 1-2 references. No title page needed ————————-
Question 1

You are the risk manager of a hospital. A nurse from the operating room reports that, during a surgery, the head surgeon did not conduct a “time out” to confirm the side and site of the surgery. You question the surgeon, and he denies the incident. There is no injury to the patient.
What is the nature of the risk? Who is at risk? What additional information do you require? What actions can be taken to prevent recurrence of the incident ———————–
Question 2

Conduct your own research to find an example of a time where a medical error resulted in harm to the patient. Describe how this error affected the patient. What were the ramifications for the organization stakeholders who are providing care, that is, physicians, healthcare providers, employees, etc.? ————————————-
Online Lecture Readings
You will be introduced to the vast range of risks in healthcare this week. We will review groups of risks to make the subject manageable. To begin with, we will ask and answer the basic question: What is risk? Flowing from this are other questions: Who is at risk? What types of damage does a risk lead to? Where do risks come from, or what
are the sources of risks? What can the healthcare organization do about them? These questions have a range of answers, and the lectures this week will only give you a glimpse of this complex reality.


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