Right to Die

Right to Die

Right to Die

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Right to Die This assignment supports the following objective(s):
• Explain and demonstrate steps in the writing process
• Practice writing using proper grammar, punctuation and spelling
• Identify various writing techniques, including audience analysis, diction, author purpose, genre and conventions when reading given texts
• Compose essays that are mode, genre and audience appropriate, well-developed, mechanically correct, and communicate clearly with the audience.

Assignment overview For this assignment, revise your essay based on feedback and compose your final essay, incorporating all grammar concepts learned throughout the course. Reflect on the steps taken to revise your essay.
• Final essay in a Word document
o Include the proper file naming convention with your first initial and last name, for example: ENG101_wk5_assn1_jsmith_mmddyyyy Assignment details:
Final Essay
1. Revise your essay using the feedback you have received from your instructor and peers each week.
2. Proofread and edit your essay carefully, following the Week 5 Assignment Rubric below.
3. Use the following as a checklist for your final essay:
a. Title page
b. Introduction with thesis statement; body to support sub-points; conclusion restating thesis.
c. Integrated proper use of all grammar concepts covered throughout the course.
d. Use Times New Roman, 12pt font; 1-inch margins; double-spaced.
e. 500+ words in length (five paragraphs)
f. Includes two outside sources.


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