Revival of Japanese products

Revival of Japanese products

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The research Aim: To research on the declining demand and globalisation of high quality Japanese products worldwide. (Declining market share of big Japanese company such as Panasonic, Omron etc).To find out reason for declined and to come up with possible solution to regain the global competency. Why this topic?• Japanese products were seen as the best products in terms of quality and efficiency globally with great demand but now this is fading up due to some reason.• Japanese Companies no longer hold brand name as they used to earlier (they have been replaced by other alternative and cheaper products worldwide)• Japanese SME is not involved in globalizing its high quality products to the world• Japanese companies have failed to market and keep up with the competition with other companies around the world• Despite have world-class manufacturing and high skilled person they are unable to market their products or have mostly not succeeded in other countries.

Points to be mentioned:• Japanese product and company’s goodwill of having best products• Steady or stagnant growth of Japanese companies• Some cases of big company not succeeding in particular region or area• Competition with Koreans and Chinese companies (Like in Indian Scenario Panasonic, Sony etc got replaced by Samsung and Chinese products)• Please mentioned and focus on Indo-Japan scenario little bit.Possible Study area• How Japanese SMEs (small and medium enterprises) can be bring closer to the world (As all though they produce best Quality products but do not have platform or strategy to globalise its product).• Possible Causes of decline• Strategy or solution for revival (i.e. brand name of ‘Made in Japan’)a) Transfer of technologyb) FDI (foreign direct investment) of Japan into
developing Countries (please have special mention of India)c) Complementary resources of both countries to enhance their economyd) Competitiveness of Japanese SMEs (small and medium enterprises) in the context of the Developing Country (Indian market) (or how to enhance it).

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