Retailer interview with two new product idea

Retailer interview with two new product idea

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Part 1.

Research (both online and by talking to others) and uncover TWO social trends that have the potential to create market opportunities for new consumer products. Social trends can take the form of demographic, population, lifestyle changes, fashion trends, etc. Based on your analysis of these trends, you are to identify market opportunities and think of ONE new product idea for each social trend and research those ideas to make sure they do not already exist. The Part I write-up can be 1 page single spaced with two trends and one idea for each trend .

Part 2.

One of the best sources of ideas for new products is retailers (i.e., stores). Interviews with retailers can serve as an excellent source of ideas because they often are in contact with customers looking for products not yet on the market. If you approach retailers in a friendly manner (at a time when they are not busy with customers), many will spend a few minutes with you and share their ideas about new product concepts.


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