Resolving Contract Disputes

Resolving Contract Disputes

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Analyze the contract dispute process. Recommend one (1) action that contracting officers could take to improve the efficiency of
the dispute process. Provide a rationale for your recommendation. Examine each remedy that the disputes process provides to a contractor. Select one (1) of the remedies, and create a brief scenario that illustrates the circumstances under which a contractor would utilize the selected remedy. Among all the forms of contracting described in Chapter 16, determine which one you believe would benefit the small-business owner the most. Explain your answer in detail. List of forms from Chapter 16 -indefinite-delivery contracts, time and materials contracts, labor hour contracts, letter contracts, basic ord ering agreements, performance-based contracting, multi-year contracts, options, life-cycle costing Determine which form of contracting would be the most cost-effective for a small business in your hometown. Support your answer with data from a small local business. take a position on whether or not all the forms of contracting
described in Chapter 16 can be grouped into the two broad categories: fixed price contracts and cost reimbursement contracts. Support your position.

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