Research Utilization (Research/Evidence-based Practice/Global Health) Paper

Research Utilization (Research/Evidence-based Practice/Global Health) Paper

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Paper Requirements: Using what you have learned from your assigned readings for this class, please write a review of the literature paper using APA format. This paper will include Appraisal Synopses of four nursing research studies. (You will learn how to do a Research Appraisal Synopsis for your Learning Activities. This is explained in
Chapter 16 of your textbook, and a completed Sample Appraisal is on pages 423-427). After deciding on a clinical topic that is relevant to global health, you will access the FIU Library and conduct a Literature Review on your topic for Part B of your paper. You will select four studies and complete a Synopsis Appraisal for each study. The research study articles selected for each Synopsis must be of original nursing research studies, or integrative review articles, and the studies must have been published in a peer-reviewed journal. Review Chapter Three on reading research articles before selecting the four studies for this paper. At least TWO of the four research study articles MUST BE written by nurses and published in a peer-reviewed nursing journal. At least ONE of the two nursing research studies must be about nursing in another country (non-USA). All articles used for this paper must be accessed and available from CINAHL.

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